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Terrafuse In Action

Photo Gallery: Concrete Repair Solutions

We’ve shared these project images to help you picture the numerous applications for Terrafuse concrete repair solutions and finishes – and show what is possible.

Concrete Garage Pad and Driveway Repair

Front Garage Edge

An example of how TF Structural was used to restore the damaged area between the exterior and interior. Terrafuse concrete repair solutions restore your concrete to as good as new!

Heavy Garage Spalling

Does your concrete have more craters than the moon? Don’t replace it. Restore it! TF Pure is up to the challenge. It chemically grips to the old concrete for a clean finish and lasting repair.

Water Redirect & Pooling Repair

When the original concrete does not provide proper drainage, water can pool and cause damage. In this example, the concrete pad was repaired and resurfaced to remove the low spot and redirect the water to flow outside.

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Concrete Column Repair

You can count on TF Pure for the big jobs. This example shows how it was applied in a large-scale vertical application to restore a large column.

Main Raker Beam Concrete Repair

As the name suggests, TF Pure products go beyond aesthetics to restore structural integrity. These images show how our product was used to successfully rebuild a main raker beam to meet engineering requirements.

Other Examples of Repairable Concrete Damage

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Since 2013 Terrafuse Inc. has specialized in high-performance concrete repair and restoration products. Our mortars, additives & decorative finishes are a trusted choice for contractors and homeowners.
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