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The Solid Choice

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Innovative Solutions for Concrete Repair & Protection

Concrete Repair is Challenging. Even for the pros. We’ve made it our mission to create innovative products that make your job easier – and earn your stamp of approval.

Why Choose terrafuse

Creating Concrete Solutions to Common Challenges.

Our team has worked hands-on in concrete repair and restoration since 2004. (We have the sore knees and backs to prove it!). Our biggest frustration was that there were no products available for what we wanted to do:

  • To work faster and more efficiently to deliver higher-quality, longer-lasting, visually stunning concrete repairs.
  • To expand opportunities for concrete renovation and repair as faster, more economical alternative to replacement.

So, we decided to make our own products. Terrafuse was formed in 2010. Our products have been manufactured and sold in North America since 2013.

At Terrafuse, we believe that if you’re going to do a job, do it right. Do it once and make it last.

A Growing Line of Concrete Repair and Restoration Products

Terrafuse products have become a preferred choice among contractors and homeowners who value quality, durability and ease of application. Our products fall into three categories:

Repair Mortars

Advanced mortars that bond to concrete to fix spalls and enable deep structural repair.
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Durable finishes and coatings to stand up to weather and traffic, indoors and outdoors.
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Concrete Additives & Decorative Finishes

Top-quality additives to improve curing, traction and visual appeal in real-world environments.
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Innovation is a Structural Quality

Based on our understanding of concrete, its qualities, characteristics, and constraints – Terrafuse has been rigorous in developing, refining and perfecting our chemistries for concrete restoration and protection.

We’ve successfully formulated a line of advanced structural mortar designed to bond to cured concrete. This includes our patent-pending TF Structural Pure concrete mortar: a unique magnesium mortar that requires no additives, has no water ratio constraints, and can be used for deep structural repair or vertical applications.

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Seeing is Believing

It seems we weren’t the only ones looking for a better way to do things. We posted a series of how-to videos on YouTube to show our products in action. Millions of views have helped many people like you find better alternatives to concrete repair.

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Since 2013 Terrafuse Inc. has specialized in high-performance concrete repair and restoration products. Our mortars, additives & decorative finishes are a trusted choice for contractors and homeowners.
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