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Technical Sheets

Details Matter

Terrafuse Technical Sheets

View Terrafuse technical sheets online or download the PDF version for convenient reference.

Datasheets: Valuable information on recommended product use; applications; features and benefits; specifications; preparation, mixing and application instructions; and more

Safety Data Sheets (SDF): Details on product composition; hazard identification; ingredients; first aid and emergency measures; handling and storage tips; chemical composition; toxicology and more.

Concrete Repair / Restoration Products

TF Structural Datasheet
TF Structural SDS Part A
TF Structural SDS Part B
TF Structural Fine Datasheet
TF Structural Fine SDS Part A
TF Structural Deep Datasheet
TF Structural Deep SDS Part A
TF Structural Pure Datasheet - USA

Terrafuse Decorative Concrete Coatings

TF 80 Datasheet
TF 80 Polyaspartic SDS Part A
TF 80 Polyaspartic SDS Part B
TF 90 Datasheet
TF 90 Polyaspartic SDS Part A
TF 90 Polyaspartic SDS Part B
TF Flat Finish Datasheet
TF Flat Finish SDS Part A
TF Flat Finish SDS Part B

Terrafuse Additive Products

TF Non-Slip SDS

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Since 2013 Terrafuse Inc. has specialized in high-performance concrete repair and restoration products. Our mortars, additives & decorative finishes are a trusted choice for contractors and homeowners.
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