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Solid Advice: Terrafuse FAQs

Concrete restoration and protection is our passion. Sharing our knowledge and seeing you succeed is what drives us.

This will cover approximately 30 – 55 ft2 between 1/8” – 1⁄4” of coverage. These figures do not allow for surface porosity, profile, or wastage.
Concrete surfaces must be clean and sound. Remove all dust, dirt, existing paint films, efflorescence, exudates, laitance, form oils, hydraulic or fuel oils, brake fluid, grease, fungus, mildew, biological residues, frost, or any other contaminants which may prohibit a proper bond to the substrate. Prepare the surface by using a diamond grinder, shot blaster, or by any other appropriate mechanical means to achieve a porous, clean surface, with a recommended CSP surface profile of 2 or greater, as per ICRI technical guidelines No.03732. Acid washing is not a recommended preparation method. All existing sealers must be removed to allow even penetration.
TF Structural Mortars are ideally suited for complete resurfacing, spall repair and large structural repairs. It will bond with all concrete substrates and restore the strength and integrity of the concrete structure.

TF Structural Mortars are not designed to fill cracks, as the mechanical forces on the concrete can cause cracks to quickly return.

However, many customers who have used it as a temporary solution for cracking have been surprised at the durability. Applying a fiber mesh product (such as Red Devil 12260 can provide added strength. This video shows an example where a garage pad crack was filled and had not appeared when we revisited the site 3 years later.

With TF Structural products you have approximately 10-20 minutes to apply the product once you begin. For efficient application techniques, WATCH THIS VIDEO

TF Structural Mortars are made to provide a lasting solution when properly applied. They prevent problems from returning, so you only have to do the job once. You can expect the product to wear at 1/8" every 15-20 years based on regular use.
No. There is no maximum or minimum install thickness.
Yes. This is one of the reasons TF Structural Mortars are a great solution for repairing concrete stairs.
One of the biggest advantages of TF Structural Mortars is their quick drying time. Most restorations will cure stronger than concrete within 4 hours. It will cure faster with heat and sun. The repaired area will be ready for regular used same day (including garage pads and warehouse floors). For businesses, this means restorations can be done with minimal downtime.
These products can be applied in temperatures ranging from 30F – 90F.
You can install as deep as you require. We recommend mixing it a little drier for deep fills, and adding clean aggregate for anything deeper than 1".
Surface saturating the concrete with water will help extend working time, especially in dry, hot, windy conditions. It will make the product easier to spread, help prevent surface pinhole bubbling, and give the user more time to finish the product. It is not necessary for proper bonding but will greatly assist with the installation. Do not leave any pooling or standing water before applying product.
TF Structural is a natural product that undergoes color shifts during its curing cycle. This can be affected by water, sun, and exposure to the environment, but over time, TF Structural Pure will fade to a fairly consistent concrete color.

It is recommended to only mix what can be installed and finished over 10-20 min. window, as the material will cure quite rapidly.
Yes, TF Pure will bond to itself, and can be applied in multiple layers if needed.
Since 2013 Terrafuse Inc. has specialized in high-performance concrete repair and restoration products. Our mortars, additives & decorative finishes are a trusted choice for contractors and homeowners.
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