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How-To Videos

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Concrete Repair Videos: Tips, Tricks and Advice

Terrafuse created these how-to videos for professional contractors and do-it-yourselfers alike… watched by millions of viewers.

Watch as our concrete experts share advice on how to get the best results when using Terrafuse products for concrete repair. From recommended application techniques to best practices in extreme weather.

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Concrete Repair for Driveways

TF Pure Concrete Overlay - Overview

A start-to-finish video demonstrating how to restore a driveway pad with a full concrete overlay.

Concrete Overlay - Overlay Instructions

Instructions and tips on how to apply TF Structural concrete overlay, as a thin skim coat, onto prepared surfaces.

Fixing Driveway Cracks, Height Differences & Broken Edges

A demonstration of how TF Structural can be used to address a variety of common problems (no audio).

Crack Bridging Using TF Structural and Flexible Mesh Tape

Learn how to structurally repair cracks using TF Structural with fiberglass tape to add flexibility for a lasting repair.

Concrete Repair for Walkways

Concrete Crack Repair – TF Structural repair mortar.

See how we jackhammered a large crack in a slab and completed the repair and overlay all within 2 hours – fully walkable after 1-hour of curing!

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Concrete Repair for Steps and Stairs

Concrete Stair Overlay with TF Structural – One-day full resurface!

A 1-person job finished in 5 hours (including removal of river stone surface). Features an expansion joint rebuild, riser resurfacing and landing/tread overlay.

Complete concrete staircase restoration with TF Structural

We totally restore a severely damaged concrete staircase at a school, taking it down to a solid structure before restoration. 1-day restoration.

TF Structural Concrete Repair Mortar 11 Years After Installation.

We revisited a school where we restored a badly damage staircase 11 years earlier to demonstrate the durability of TF Structural.

Working with TF Finishes & Additives

TF Heat for Accelerating TF Structural Concrete Overlay.

Learn how to use TF Heat to speed up the cure time in cold-weather applications or to reduce wait time in high-use areas.

Other Videos

How to Prepare Concrete Substrates.

Proper preparation is vital before overlaying and restoring concrete. We cover pressure washing, grinding and jackhammering – and when each is required.

TF Structural 6 Years After Installation.

Don’t believe concrete overlay restorations are built to last? We revisit past projects years later. Proof that our mechanical bond holds up as a permanent restoration.

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Since 2013 Terrafuse Inc. has specialized in high-performance concrete repair and restoration products. Our mortars, additives & decorative finishes are a trusted choice for contractors and homeowners.
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