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Terrafuse Additives

Terrafuse additives can be integrated with any of our TF Structural products to improve the look and performance.


TF additives can be used for everything from regulating cure time to providing worry-free slip prevention. TF Heat & TF Ice are additives for our Repair Mortars. TF Grip & TF Tint are additives for our coatings.

TF Grip - Use for non-slip surfaces
TF Tint - Get the colour you're looking for
TF Heat - Faster cure times for cold weather installation
TF Ice - Slow your cure time for hot weather installations

Benefits of TF Structural Products

  • Durable/ Extended Product Life
  • Proven Performance
  • Great Value
  • Easy to Work With
  • Improves Efficiency
  • Accelerates Cure Time for Professionals
  • Extends Cure Time for Novices

Improve your Project's Appearance and Performance!

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Terrafuse Additives

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Additive Product FAQs

Yes. Typically, the colder it gets, the longer TF Structural will take to cure. By adding TF HEAT, you will be able to work with TF Structural in temperatures as low as 32°F. TF HEAT accelerates cure time. This is a huge advantage if you’re trying to complete a job if the forecast is calling for rain or snow later in the day.
Yes, humidity will not affect how the ICE works with the TF Structural.

Our Slip Resistant Additive is available in two grades: Coarse and Super Coarse. Our additive will allow you to meet The American ASTM E303 slip resistance test standard. Let us know your operating environment and we can advise which grade is recommended.

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